Bella Vista Field Hockey 

Celebrating 50 years of Field Hockey!

Welcome all returning and new players!
Don't worry if you've never played field hockey before, we are the only high school field hockey team in the Sacramento area so there is no experience necessary.  JV is a no-cut team, as long as you have a positive attitude toward learning something new and supporting your teammates then we want you!

Equipment - What do you need to play field hockey?

Stick:  you can purchase one (at Dick's Sporting Goods in Roseville or or use a team stick

Shin Guards:  Field Hockey shin guards are larger and provide more protection than soccer shinguards.  You can purchase online or there is a nice selection at Dick's Sporting Goods in Roseville

Cleats:  soccer or football cleats are fine (football cleats provide more ankle support)

Mouthguard:  moldable type - can purchase for $5-30 at any sporting goods store

Goggles:  Updated rules for goggles, Click Here for more detailed information.  Must meet ASTM 2713 guidelines for field hockey.  As of 2019 this will have to be labeled on the goggle.

Uniform:  Provided by the team - some players prefer to purchase their own socks but for games they must match our team socks.  Players will need to purchase solid black spandex shorts for under their kilt.   Talk to Coach Andi Wright for specifics.

Summer/Off Season Training

2019 Season Practice begins Monday,  August 5th at 9am in the stadium.

See the handout given to current BV students at the spring meeting for more training ideas.